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Dale Stefancic On Air Home Based Business Talk Radio Tuesday, 5:33 am Eastern
Subject: A Home Based Career and YOU!
A Blunt and Sometimes Painfully Honest News Letter
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Hey there . . . It's great you made it to this site,

Welcome to Home Based Careers.com. If you ever dreamed of or would love to profit from your own home based business, you've come to the right place. My name is Dale Stefancic and the best thing I ever did was to start a business where I could make my living from working from home.

I will be totally blunt with honesty here. It didn't happen overnight. I made tons of mistakes. I bought probably every e-book, DVD, CD and workbook courses and the list goes on, only to find out most of the time what does not work.

Sound familiar? Well sometimes you have to find out what does not work in order to find out what does. So that's how my career as a home based owner started out. The only one who made profit was my credit card company and the hundreds of people I was buying those everything to make money overnight stuff from.

The other thing I will not do is bore you with a rags to riches story of how I developed this little know secret to create some insane amount of income in some short period of time. Let me tell you a little something about all those secrets you have read and heard about. Here is the only secret you'll ever have to know. A secret is only information that you haven't learned about yet. So I will dispel them all, because if we can do business together, I will personally coach you on how to be a success. Yes, you will have personal access to me.

So what I began doing is investing in myself. Coming from a corporate back ground in sales and marketing I thought I could just jump in and take a few of what I bought and make it work. The problem being is that most of what you get is just enough to get to you buy the numerous upgrade coaching programs that cost you thousands and for the little person starting out it's out of our reach. The reason we all started a home based business was to make extra income and to hopefully make it full time income.

I chose a few Icons of the industry and followed them and read and studied and became a great student of the industry.

Then something happened. PROFIT!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, can this happen even to me. And so the profit and success of my home based business started to be what I had always wanted.

I started to become so good at what I do, I approached a local radio station here in Cleveland,Ohio and started the "Home Based Business Show." I wanted to share my experiences and touch as many people as I could with what I have learned and what I have achieved. I wanted to give back and show people that success can happen. I'm sure many of you have asked, isn't there anyone who is willing to show me just something to get me profitable without it costing an arm and a leg?

Here I am. I have been where you are and will treat you differently because of it.

You can find out more about my show and my guests at www.EntrepreneursOnCall.com. I have interviewed some of the best in the business with regards to marketing, sales, tax strategies websites and so on.

I have had people from Donald Trump's Apprentice Show, Bob Proctor, John Milton Fogg, Loral Langemeier, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber and the list goes on. These are the types of principals, strategies and knowledge I want to share with you to make you successful.

I personally will help with building your own home business. If you are already working from home I will help you to be more successful in taking your business to the next level. It doesn't matter if its Network Marketing, Affiliate Programs or a business you are working with you own product or service.

Together we will make it better and more profitable and develop another income stream from what you already are doing.

Dale Stefancic - Talk Show Host
Friend Of The Entrepreneurial Stars

P.S. I will save you time and money, what to look for and who to listen too. I have great mentors. The best in my opinion. So follow my lead and achieve more with less.

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  • And much, much more every month.

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